purpose:road bridge
load-bearing structure:continuous steel beam of box section, composite reinforced concrete section
max. span:205 m
length of the bridge:1 280 m
weight of the steel structure:35 000 t
investor:Hessen Mobil

purpose:railway bridge on the railway line Wunstorf – Bremerhaven
load-bearing structure:solid-web steel beam of variable height with the lower orthotropic bridge deck
length of the bridge:377 m
max. length of one span:80 m
weight:4 300 t
investor:DB Netz AG

purpose:road bridge
load-bearing structure:continuous steel beam with box section
length of the bridge:1 420 m
max. length of one span:170 m
weight:23 000 t

A complex layout of individual lanes near supports, variable width of the bridge, and division of the box by longitudinal girders created a relatively sophisticated arrangement of steel trough ribs on the bridge deck.

Our firm participated in making the assembly design and also designed assembly aids.

purpose:road bridge
load-bearing structure:steel beam stiffened with an arch; lower box section bridge deck
span:285 m
weight:6 040 t
investor:the City of Nijmegen

Complex basic geometry and camber created many surfaces, which could not be simply developed. The developed sheets had to be processed using a special function for developing doubly curved bodies (software Siemens NX).